Splitting a Banana Split

from Summer Songs - EP by Lullatone



let's split a banana split
I'd really like to get it
for you (and me too)

there's no need to deny it
I know you'd like to try it
so let me buy it for you
(just promise to give half of it to me too)

now of course you can't forget
there are other things we could get
like this red and white and blue popsicle…
that is shaped like a rocket


but today
I must say
that our number one option
is this banana, chocolate and ice cream concoction

don't deny it
let's buy it
there's no need for a diet
so let me supply it to you
just don't forget to give half of it to me too
that's all I ask of you

but I think you must admit
when it comes to banana splits
it is actually quite rare
that you would share
in a way that is fair


but today I do declare
in fact, I solemnly swear
I won't take this one solo
nah… not like a game of solitaire


so let's go
split split
bo bit
banana fana forfeit
your inhibition
to its lack of nutrition

we gotta
split split
bo bit
banana fana forfeit
that disposition
and just give me the permission


Oh please don't make me plead
just take a bite and see
I'm sure that you'll will agree
that splitting this split with me
it's gonna cool down your body
cool you down at least a degree

oh it'd make me so happy
if you'd only split this split with me


from Summer Songs - EP, released June 11, 2013


all rights reserved


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