Houseplant Music

by Lullatone

vitamin D 02:08
夏の終わり まどごしに さみし 気持ち やることもない ざっし 読んだり たくつ しのぎ Bonjour メランコリー Au revoir 楽しみ のろのろうごき 何も 意味ない Sans souci の 気もち かんじたい たまに のんびり を 毎日 の てんかい は ennui Bonjour メランコリー (時間つぶし) Au revoir 楽しみ (何もない) のろのろうごき (時計の針) 何も 意味ない (ない~)


We were stuck inside for a while like everyone else.

At first that led to a lot of ambient melodies, but I have a feeling everyone's inboxes are already overflowing with all that. So, we tried to think of another way to make tracks in this environment.

I guess these are songs for when you feel like a houseplant that only gets to see the world from a windowsill.

Hopefully before too long they'll all take on a totally different meaning and we'll see you all in the park.

Until then, hope you stay safe.
Big elbow bumps or bows or winks or whatever from Japan.
Shawn & Yoshimi


released July 3, 2020

Shawn James Seymour - music and running
Yoshimi Seymour - vocals and hot yoga

artwork by Mary Matson

all songs ℗ and Ⓒ Shawn James Seymour / Lullatone


all rights reserved


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